UPDATE! We are... Still Alive! *badum chhh*

2013-10-19 06:00:33 by SMES

Sorry everyone for how long it has taken us to make an update. But I just wanted to say we are still working on this band and still have exciting things ahead of us.
A video of a live gig is in the making with new music NEVER HEARD BEFORE in the live set. We also have heaps of songs to record and present to the public.
The only problem is that most of us are in uni finishing our 3rd and has been the busiest times of our lives and I'm sorry for not keeping updated with whether we exist or not.
We shall be more active soon enough and we hope to have a GREAT impact on people's ears soon enough.

Thank you for your messages and support, it is the most amazing thing. I guarantee we will be active soon!



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2013-10-19 13:07:53

Awesome! Good to know we can hear more from you in the future. I look forward to hearing more!


2013-10-27 02:24:17

Good news!


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