Still Alive is up!

2013-02-04 08:42:36 by SMES

With the recording equipment available (two zooms!) and my terrible excuse of mixing, we have released a new track for you all! I really hope you enjoy Still Alive as it was great fun to play! Just in case anyone is interested, it is also up on our Soundcloud as an Aiff if there are any people who love the quality stuff! tal-cover

With this aside, we shall be more active with holidays coming to a close. By more active though, it'll be less than 4 months next recording hahah. I have a grand idea for a FF7 medley type thing. Should be a bit of a project so other tunes will come your way still! Should be interesting!

Thank you again for your love and I hope you enjoy Still Alive =)


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2013-05-30 07:48:52

Really excellent work with Still Alive. Very talented group, here!