Sorry for the long update!

2013-01-13 02:01:10 by SMES

Hello everyone who reads this.

A big sorry first off for the lack off activity. Finishing uni last year and going straight to a holiday to Japan. BUT news! We shall be recording a new arrangement on the 4th of Feb and this song I think you'll like a lot. We have been preparing a bit to get it sounding great and also I know should be able to record some good quality sound. Thank you for your support in comments and messages so far, the little things have the biggest effect!

Thanks once again and get ready for a song a little while after the 4th.



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2013-01-13 14:08:15

Awesome, man, can't wait to get a listen as soon as it comes out!


2013-01-28 00:19:20

Dude, your new track comes out on my birthday! Thanks for the awesome present!