Entry #1

SMES (Super Music Entertainment System)

2012-07-17 12:55:20 by SMES

So I have a started an ensemble basically that cover some amazing OST's. I thought setting up an account here on Newgrounds would be great since this community derives intself in games and give good feedback on the project. I have so far released on of our drafts from rehearsal on HIKARI. Lets hope if there is good response from doing so, I can continue to upload stuff up here =)



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2012-09-24 19:58:47

Dude!!!!! Your music is AMAZING!!!! I never thought I'd casually stumble upon this sort of jazz at Newgrounds! Very classy and fantastic stuff! I can't wait to hear what more you guys have to share. I just want to personally thank you for actually sharing this with all of us!

SMES responds:

Thank you!! I personally didn't know how this would go but coming back to this profile after some busy times at uni and to find all this love is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for your comment. We'll be uploading some good recordings soon and will be uploading some really interesting arrangements of some well known songs.

Thank you again! =)